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eTownz brings residents, businesses, public services and clubs together in one digital place in order to share and distribute information throughout the entire community.

  • Allows community members to co-ordinate and promote local sports, arts, training, and leisure events.
  • Is a multi-service platform which allows businesses of all types to market and sell locally.
  • Facilitates communication and awareness within the community through regular news blogs, photo posts and social media updates.
  • eTownz platform is ideal for Trade Associations and Sports Clubs
  • Provides a sustainable model for the setup, training, management, promotion, implementation and future development of the eTownz system.
  • Acts as a cohesive force for the development of the community both online and offline

Our Solutions


Training, entertainment, sports, meetings. Get the details of your event out to your community.



Get your community talking about you and build a loyal community of customers.



Dentists, doctors, hairdressers and restaurants. Give your community every opportunity to make an appointment.


Hotels, restaurants, local food to flowers. Get your latest offers and deals out to the community.


Cars, property, jobs and accommodation. Keep your community up to date on your latest listings.

Online Shopping

Clothes, cakes, fuel or food. Bring your shop to your community online.

Video & Picture Gallery

Pictures and video of local services, events, and attractions.


News from local enterprise, clubs, and groups about upcoming activities and events.

Social Profiles

Share information with friends or other local eTownz members.

Businesses Can:

  • Create, manage, and promote events (entertainment, training, etc).
  • Advertise local offers.
  • Take online orders, queries, and bookings.
  • Communicate directly with community members and clubs.
  • Sell to locals online.

Clubs & Groups Can:

  • Create, manage, and promote events (meetings, training, matches, fundraisers etc).
  • Acknowledge and reward local business contributions.
  • Communicate directly with community residents and fellow clubs.
  • Encourage new member growth.

Services Can:

  • Create and manage events (business, outages, roadworks, training, etc).
  • Distribute local news to locals, businesses, and community groups.
  • Assist in management of vital services during extreme weather.
  • Communicate directly with community.
  • Gain constructive feedback and support from community.

Residents Can:

  • Receive updates on local news via blog, social media, or email newsletters.
  • Participate in online discussions, take surveys, or register for competitions.
  • Discover local offers and make local appointments or bookings.
  • Create a personal profile and share with friends or other local members.
  • Be part of the local online identity.