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As the technology advances and the community landscape changes to accommodate growing technological needs, eTownz constantly evaluates the latest trends in the community development sector. We improve ourselves to provide our clients the best possible development solutions. We save you time, the most valuable of resources.

Complexity delivered in a simple solution — creating powerful web and phone applications capable of doing the heavy lifting.

Our Solutions

Surveys & Audits Apps

Our custom web and phone platform contains bespoke community surveys to garner greater understanding of how people live in the community and where they would like to see improvements going forward. Using features such as online and offline data collection allows anyone in the community to collect data from any location in the country

Centralised Database

All information gathered can be viewed in centralised platform, with custom infographics, and defined goals and targets. We use open source technologies in order to allow immediate access to the collected data for better understanding of your community. In conjunction with our knowledge library this data can help gain a better understanding of your community.

Data Visualisation

All data harvested from using our custom apps can be visualised in a number of ways and shared with your community. The data is viewable both through our website but also on your mobile device through our apps. We have leveraged latest mobile technologies in order to best display the vast amounts of data which is relevant specifically for your community, in order to get a thorough understanding of how things work for their community and also help them identify opportunities in the future.

Live Reporting

We use Google Maps in order to visually map the collected data within your community. Geo-location is an important part of our web applications, which allows targeted actions, defined within specific localities, in order to allocate resources, identify opportunities and manage potential issues.