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Smart Community Plan

Local Assets

Understand your local community assets

By defining assets, it helps the everyone appreciate what the community currently has

By defining assets the community can better identify local opportunities.

Local Projects

(Past, Present & Future Ideas)

Create a Community Projects Register

Recently Completed Projects: understand what has worked in the community

Currently Active Project: Build a plan around currently active projects

Future Project Ideas: Crowdsource and rate local development ideas

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Local Goals & Challenges

Agree on shared community goals & challenges

Invite local clubs/groups to include their goals & challenges as part of the overall community goals/challenges

Invite people to discuss and rank goals

Local Opinion & Feedback

Gather Local Ideas & Opinions

The third step in the eTownz community development program involves gaining feedback from local stakeholders including local residents, local business, local groups and local public services.

Here we provide a survey which helps identify the most important action areas in the community. Your opinion will help shape local action plans going forward.

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Comment & Prioritise

To vote or provide comment on a local Asset, Project or goal please fill in the form below.

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